ELEV8 Camps are all about having fun and playing lacrosse. Spend camp with your friends and teammates, develop your fundamental skills and then battle it out in competitions all camp long!
ELEV8 coaches know the game and bring the energy! They have experience playing professionally, in college, and coaching every ability level. All ELEV8 coaches are background checked.


Welcome to ELEV8 Holiday Camp – Your Gateway to Lacrosse Excellence!

At ELEV8, we present a unique opportunity for young student-athletes to learn directly from professional lacrosse players in a structured and enjoyable setting. Our primary focus is to provide participants with the essential tools to elevate their game, enhance fundamental skills, and progress to the next level of play.


Pro-Level Instruction, Personalized Learning:
Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned coaching staff, comprised of professionals in the world of lacrosse. Get ready for hands-on guidance and insider knowledge straight from the pros.

Structured Learning, Competitive Fun:
At ELEV8 Camps, we believe in making learning enjoyable. Our carefully curated program strikes a balance between structured skill development and the thrill of competitive play, ensuring an environment where young student-athletes flourish.

Tailored for All Skill Levels:
Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, ELEV8 has a spot for you. Our camps cater to players of all ages and abilities, ensuring everyone has the chance to elevate their game.

Join ELEV8 Holiday Box Lacrosse Camp and equip yourself with the tools needed to become a well-rounded lacrosse player. Elevate your game, boost your knowledge, and set your sights on the next level of play.


CAMP Details


(As of December 31, 2025)

U11 | 9 to 10 yrs

U13 | 11 to 12 yrs

U15 | 13 to 14 yrs

U17| 15 to 17 yrs


U7 & U9 please visit ELEV8 SKLZ for programming options.


9:00 am – 3:30 pm



January 2 and 3, 2025



$265 + GST & Transaction Fee



October 5, 2024



1. Skill Advancement:
– Elevate your lacrosse skills to new heights under professional guidance.
– Gain a competitive edge through focused and purposeful training.

2. Confidence Boost:
– Develop confidence on and off the floor through skill mastery and positive reinforcement.
– Feel empowered to take on challenges and opportunities in lacrosse.

3. Networking Opportunities:
– Connect with like-minded players, coaches, and mentors in the lacrosse community.
– Build a network that can support your ongoing growth in the sport.

4. Long-Term Development:
– Acquire tools and knowledge that extend beyond the camp for continuous improvement.
– Lay the foundation for a lifelong love of lacrosse and ongoing success.

5. Character Building:
– Cultivate qualities such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience.
– Learn valuable life skills through the challenges and triumphs of the camp experience.

6. Path to the Next Level:
– Gain exposure to advanced techniques used in professional play.
– Strengthen your foundation for potential advancement in competitive lacrosse.

7. Fitness and Wellness:
– Improve overall fitness levels with targeted strength and conditioning programs.
– Acquire habits that contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle.


1. Pro-Level Instruction:
– Learn directly from seasoned professionals and former lacrosse champions.
– Gain insights and techniques used at the highest levels of the game.

2. Structured Learning Environment:
– Benefit from a carefully curated program balancing skill development and competitive play.
– Enjoy a systematic approach to learning, ensuring progress and mastery.

3. Tailored for All Skill Levels:
– Inclusive camps for players of all ages and abilities.
– Individualized attention to address specific skill levels and needs.

4. Experienced Coaching Staff:
– Engage with a coaching team with a wealth of experience in player development.
– Access personalized guidance and feedback for continuous improvement.

5. Competitive Fun:
– Experience the excitement of competitive play in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.
– Forge lasting friendships with like-minded lacrosse enthusiasts.

6. Elevate Game Intelligence:
– Develop a deeper understanding of the game, including tactics and strategies.
– Improve lacrosse IQ through situational awareness and decision-making.

7. Fundamental Skill Enhancement:
– Focus on refining essential lacrosse skills such as passing, shooting, and defensive techniques.
– Targeted drills to strengthen specific areas of your game.

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Student-athletes should register in the appropriate age group they intend on participating in the 2025 box lacrosse season.

Unsure which age group to register in?  See Below

2016 – 2015
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2010 – 2009

Program Director

Geoff Snider, has played 19 Seasons of professional lacrosse. His complete dedication at all levels of the sport is both genuine and passionate. Geoff is compelled to assist ELEV8 student-athletes reach their maximum potential while creating enriched training and learning opportunities both on and off the field.

Professional Profile

PAST instructors include

Bob was drafted 16th overall in the 2010 NLL entry draft by the Philadelphia Wings.

Professional Profile

Dan is a two time NLL Champion, and ELEV8 Lacrosse Director of CLASSROOM Lacrosse.

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Calgary  Soccer Centre

7000 – 48th Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta