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Readiness is All


Calgary, Alberta – February 4, 2021

If it be now, ‘this not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it not be now, yet it will come - the readiness is all..

Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Act 5, Scene 2)

The readiness is all.

Preparation is key to our success. Not only in our daily school work and our athletic training but also in managing unexpected events and situations. Life can throw curve-balls at us from time to time, and how we prepare for those events is equally as important as how we respond to them.

During their Freshman year at university, an NCAA student-athlete may never appear in a single game their first competitive season. Rarely do first-year players get the nod to start or even see a competitive setting at all. Regardless, that individual must be in attendance for every team activity; practices, strength training, film sessions, study halls, and player meetings. The Freshman student-athlete is expected to be prepared in the event they need to fill a role for another teammate.

Alternatively, Senior student-athletes are more likely to be starters based on their experience with the team. Their knowledge and skill level puts them at the top of the depth chart for practices and games. They have earned leadership roles and understand the commitment outside of team activities that are required to contribute to the group’s success, both on and off the field. Senior student-athletes tend to have more experience competing at the collegiate level and understand that unforeseen events that can challenge a team. Throughout their experience, seniors have learned to control what they can in preparation for adversity and work hard to maintain their position as a starter.

Both situations are different in the above examples. One individual is looking to crack the lineup, the other is looking to stay in the lineup. The similarity between these two individuals is that no matter the circumstances and situations they will face, they must be prepared to face each situation the best they can. It is the Freshman student-athlete’s role to do everything they can to be prepared to step into the line-up and perform. It is the Senior student-athlete’s role to go the extra mile, provide leadership to the team and do what is necessary to stay in the lineup and contribute to the success of the group.

Unforeseen events will always present themselves. Situations may unexpectedly arrive out of nowhere, potentially causing problems. The first step to managing these situations is to accept and understand that whatever may happen will happen and is inevitable.

The second step is seeing that particular situation before it arrives and doing what you can to the best of your ability to prepare for it.

We may not be responsible for unexpected situations and circumstances we face in our lives. However, we do have the responsibility to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability to meet those situations head-on.